Dikki Du and the Zydeco Krewe


Dikki Du (Troy Carrier) was born in 1969 in Church Point, Louisiana and discovered his love for zydeco music at the tender age of nine. After school he would get together with his brother Chubby, sister Elaine and father Roy to play Zydeco music. At the age of twelve Troy moved to a little town called "Lawtell", where his father had owned the Offshore Lounge for over fifteen years. Troy played the washboard for Roy Carrier, his father, on local gigs; he then joined forces with the great C.J. Chenier for two years. Troy's brother Chubby Carrier then started a family band and offered Troy a job playing the drums. Troy toured with his brother from the late 80's until the 90's, when he returned home to pick up the accordion. It has now been twelve years that Dikki Du and the Zydeco Krewe have been on the scene. Dikki Du has incorporated his musical heritage with unique experience to create one of the most innovative zydeco groups around. The krewe captures an audience with one of the best sets around. His original funky and hypnotic zydeco style announces that he has arrived, occupying a spot on par with the best. "Personally the triple row is the sound that I like the best". says Dikki Du. He takes songs from classic zydeco and turns the inside out with fresh and funky renditions driving it to the next level. The krewe’s innovations revitalize zydeco charging it for years to come.

What a sound!!! Dikki and the krewe stretch out songs and it is great to dance to, as well as to listen to. Hard driving and relentless is the theme all night. It's just funky as can be. Nice polyrhythmic grooves going around the stage, and on the dance floor. Dikki Du and his krewe come out "smokin" harder and faster in the second set.  The band is one of the best, all stars in their own right; anyway its wonderful time that seems to go to fast.  The whole band is very nice,easy to work with , and professional. As I say to people who book Zydeco, BOOK THIS BAND.

Intense and fascinating accordion action coupled to melodic vocals means Dikki Du is guaranteed to entertain. If you are in a position to hire a group, keep DIKKI DU AND THE ZYDECO KREWE in mind for your event. You will enjoy their hard driving funky zydeco, and love the dance steps performed by the band as they entertain on stage.

Dikki would love to thank all his friends and fans for all their support, most people don't, but Dikki Du


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